How to Become a Creative Leader

If a leader applies these 4 areas into their life they will be better equipped to solve problems, create more and better products, and generate more ideas.

Leaders Take The Leap

One of the hardest things in life is taking the leap. Over and over again we are confronted with gaps that we do not know how to cross. Do you have what it takes to leap?

The Competive Difference

Looking back, do you know what The difference between an A paper and a B paper is? Leaders have the discipline to finish what they start with the same level of commitment they started.

Are You Disciplined Enough to Fail?

While it requires discipline to be a great team, successes solidify training. Keeping things under control in the face of failure requires…

Overcoming Failure in 7 Steps

In sports and in life, this much is true: No team is incapable of failure. How will you overcome?

The Focus of Leadership

Most people want to be recognized as leaders. If you are reading this blog, it is perhaps safe to assume that you desire to grow as a leader. Becoming a better leaders is a process of reading, asking, watching, evaluating, assimilating, contextualizing, and applying. While you are on this journey, do not lose sight of […]

Leadership Lessons from Harley-Davidson

Touring the Harley-Davidson museum yesterday was not only a history lesson on what is arguably the greatest motorcycle company in the world, but I also learned a great deal about effective leadership. The learning started the minute I walked in the door: “We have not endeavored to see how cheap we could make it, but […]

How to Stay Effective in Leadership

One of the greatest challenges facing leadership development is our ever-changing culture and economy. So how can a person be an effective leader? With things constantly changing, leaders must constantly be changing as well.  I am not talking about inconsistency or compromising principles or values. What I am saying is this: Effective leaders must learn […]

Disagree-ability: Key to Team Success

99% of great leaders agree: great leaders know how to disagree! If you want to create a culture of creativity, freedom of action, healthy competition and innovation, you have to be willing to disagree. If you want a team of intelligent people who constantly strive to better themselves and your ministry or organization, you have […]

The Successful Leadership Team

Without question, Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest presidents that has ever served the United States. To this day, leaders of our time study his abilities to communicate and navigate through difficult times. His perseverance. However, many of Lincoln’s accomplishments are owed to his leadership team. Leadership Truth “Truly great leaders surround themselves with […]