Where God and I Differ

One thing is very clear to me: God and I see things very differently. I would agree sin is wrong. However, I do not always see it being as wrong as He does. Sorry, but I am just being honest. In Matthew 5:29-31, Christ describes to us a very gruesome scene: To lust in your […]

Are small sins destroying your road?

When I first moved to Wisconsin I was amazed that the roads are in such terrible condition. Then a friend explained it to me: When snow melts, water works its way into even the smallest cracks. Over night, this freezes and expands. This process repeats itself over and over again. Each expansion, like a wedge, […]

5 Motivations for Breaking a Sinful Habit

Without question, if you keep working so many hours, or entertaining ideas of that immoral relationship, or harboring bitterness towards some offender, or surfing the internet you will have consequences. You need to break the habit! Have you considered these 5 motivations for breaking your sinful habit? It will destroy your family—Unless you have married […]