The Competive Difference

Looking back, do you know what The difference between an A paper and a B paper is? Leaders have the discipline to finish what they start with the same level of commitment they started.

How to be Irreplaceable

“Nobody is irreplaceable.” Isn’t that what we are told? But some people are far harder to replace than others. What makes these people different? Is it their education, their years of experience, or their irresistible charisma? No. No. No. How do I know this? Because there are plenty of educated, experienced, charismatic people who currently […]

Warring Against Time Wasters

Do you ever have days where you feel like you are being attacked by tasks and people intent on wasting your time? Most of us have far too much to do to throw time away. As you war on wasting today, arm yourself with these 4 battle plans: Avoid “half-finished” work—In Phillips work, Lincoln on […]

Power vs. Empowerment

Without question, anyone studying leadership philosophies over the past fifty years can see that we have transitioned from power to empowerment. Where organizations used to be run from a top-down hierarchy, competitive organizations are operating in a new way: Capitalizing on the collective knowledge of their team. This method says, “None of us is as […]

5 Emails Nobody Wants

Do you recognize these inbox enemies? Save time and energy by avoiding these 5 types of emails!

Give People What They Really Want

I just read a great article by John Spence on! He points out that during these tough economic times employees are working longer and harder with less remuneration than in times past. However, these “star performers,” as Spence called them, do ask for one thing in return: RESPECT! So how can a company show […]

Do you need Freedom?

Do you find Facebook, Twitter, and incoming emails are hindering you from being productive? If the constant interruptions and distractions of networking, social media, and communication are slowing you down, you might need Freedom. Freedom is program I learned about after Seth Godin mentioned that he was a fan of it on his blog a […]

Attention: All “CC:” (ab)users

Email users at the professional know that people regularly abuse the CC feature. Sometimes this use is intentional, but frankly there are times where it was done on purpose. Do you recognize any of these poor CC (ab)uses? FYI—copying everyone who could possibly be remotely interested in this information. These emails typically do more for […]

4 Emails You Should Never Send

From time to time I receive an email that astounds me. Would this person talk to someone like this in real life? What if this email were forwarded? They would feel horrible, look terrible, or possibly even be fired! Not only is “brain dumping” not an effective way to email, it can also be dangerous. […]

Actually Keeping Your Goals

If you have ever written a goal that never happened, this post is for you. In his book, Getting Things Done, David Allen remarks that one of the biggest reasons people do not do things is because they do not know the next step. Why do they not know it? Perhaps they just have not […]