Leadership Failure, Coaching, & Your Leadership Style

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Transforming Grace: Rags to Riches

The irony is this: when I look at the Scriptures, the depiction of a poor beggar is not of some stranger. This is how God describes…

Loneliness of Command

Leadership is more than just the right core values, specific skill sets, and great vision. Leadership demands…

Laws, Habits, or Values?

Is it 21 irrefutable laws, 7 habits, the 8th habit, 10 core values, 7-point creeds, or 12 lessons? Which will make me a great leader?

Is God Mad At Me?

How can you be sure God is not mad at you when your life seems to be crashing down around you?

The Focus of Leadership

Most people want to be recognized as leaders. If you are reading this blog, it is perhaps safe to assume that you desire to grow as a leader. Becoming a better leaders is a process of reading, asking, watching, evaluating, assimilating, contextualizing, and applying. While you are on this journey, do not lose sight of […]

Exercising Your Faith

Have you ever been asked to play a pick-up game of basketball and decided to play, even though you have not run in weeks? Or have you ever gone back into the gym after a lengthy sabbatical and performed an intense workout, only to be writhing in pain for the next few days? This is […]

What’s Worth More Than Words?

  “Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks,” my teacher waxed eloqently. I was just young boy figiditing in the Sunday school room of our small, country church. It was a silly little tongue twister we had recited many times before. It was not until later […]

Decisions and Your Dreams

“Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.” Proverbs 4:26 Where are you headed today? As you walk through your daily life, every decision you make is carrying you along a moving path. Think about what a path is for a moment: A Path is a course or way that […]

Relationships Vs. Results

Let’s face it: as leaders we love to see results. Whether it is measured by high attendance, solid profit margins, numbers of readers or copies sold, we equate success with results. It is no surprise, then, that often times we will let relationships suffer for the sake of results. We will answer texts or calls […]