How Valuable Are Your Values, Part 2

In the first half of this series, we concluded that organizational values must be interwoven through the organization and constantly referred and deferred to in organization communication and decision-making. Merely discussing these values, however, is not enough for them to guide an institution. On the contrary, clearly stated values and numerous corporate discussions are not […]

How Valuable Are Your Values, Part 1

If you were to study the number of organizations who published corporate values and then their subsequent results, you would probably deduce that corportate values are not linked to production. Are you shocked? Although many organizations have clear, published values, the reality is that the majority of those same organizations have little or nothing to […]

How to be Irreplaceable

“Nobody is irreplaceable.” Isn’t that what we are told? But some people are far harder to replace than others. What makes these people different? Is it their education, their years of experience, or their irresistible charisma? No. No. No. How do I know this? Because there are plenty of educated, experienced, charismatic people who currently […]

The Worst Method For Change… Ever!

It’s a very political day here in Wisconsin. In attempts to drive voters to a recall, organizations are ruthlessly vilifying the present administration. If your opinion was based solely on the radio ads, you might think that our current leadership were former inmates who steal candy from babies and turn over gravestones. To make these […]

Leadership Lesson: Failing at Sailing

A couple months ago we took one of my good friends sailing the day before his wedding. With none of us possessing any knowledge of the water sport, our original intention was to take a lesson and then spend some time on our own sailing in beautiful Mission Bay, San Diego. Then we met Drew. […]

What’s Worth More Than Words?

  “Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks,” my teacher waxed eloqently. I was just young boy figiditing in the Sunday school room of our small, country church. It was a silly little tongue twister we had recited many times before. It was not until later […]

Getting Team Buy-In

Every day we make decisions. More often then not, these decisions have an impact on those around us. So why do we not take the time to interact with those who will be impacted? We want to make the decision faster. We want are afraid we won’t get our way. We are in charge; therefore […]

Leadership Lessons from Harley-Davidson

Touring the Harley-Davidson museum yesterday was not only a history lesson on what is arguably the greatest motorcycle company in the world, but I also learned a great deal about effective leadership. The learning started the minute I walked in the door: “We have not endeavored to see how cheap we could make it, but […]

Optimum Environments for Growing Leaders

Despite what you might initially think, the responsibility of farmers is not to make crops grow. In fact, the farmer actually cannot force a seed to germinate and produce fruit. The farmer’s chief duty, rather, is to cultivate the best possible environment for growth. Like the farmer, every person entrusted with a group of people […]

Could This Bird Increase Your Value?

“A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere… Or he can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner,” writes Seth Godin in The Dip. Growing up, I used to have a woodpecker that would hammer away at the wooden frame on the window by my bed every morning. […]