Leadership Lessons from a 4 Year-Old

People who want to be leaders must fight life’s inevitable barrage of reductionism. Advice from a 4 year-old can be great for realignment.

Creating a Culture of Feedback

Opinions are one of those things we all want to share but rarely want to receive. Nobody likes hearing about their weaknesses or “opportunities for improvement.” But people are determined to offer their thoughts (good or bad), whether or not a person or company seeks out this feedback. The rapid expansion of consumer-driven social media […]

Frustrated Developing Leaders?

Coaching is does not happen at once; it is about chipping away at poor habits and encouraging better practices. What do you do when you have told them “a million times”?

Leadership Failure, Coaching, & Your Leadership Style

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Handling Problems: Using Power vs. People

You may have power, but that does not mean you hold all the cards. Is your leadership style fueling the fire?