Will I Unfollow You On Twitter?

I recently unfollowed about 100 people from Twitter. When asked why, I explained simply because they do not follow me back. My friends shot back, “Really? You unfollowed people for that? That seems pretty rude, and even a bit childish.” Is it rude to unfollow Tweople? A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about […]

4 Emails You Should Never Send

From time to time I receive an email that astounds me. Would this person talk to someone like this in real life? What if this email were forwarded? They would feel horrible, look terrible, or possibly even be fired! Not only is “brain dumping” not an effective way to email, it can also be dangerous. […]

Great Free Resources: Ministry127.com

If you are in any ministry capacity, I know you will greatly benefit from one of my favorite web resources: Ministry127.com This wealth of information and tools is a collaboration effort that was spearheaded by my former church in California. Ministry127 includes podcasts, sermon illustrations, videos, service slides, and much more! Motivated by a desire […]