What God Requires

After years of guidance, protection, and provision in the wilderness, God is about to reveal His faithfulness to these people yet again by allowing them to enter the Promise Land. What does he ask in return?

Ransack My Heart

It was a day I will never forget. After a long day of touristing through one of the oldest cities in the world, my team and I were returning to our apartment….

7 Motivations for Serving God

Before you start your week, take a moment to focus. The unknown author of this Psalm joyfully inspires us with these seven motivations.

Is God Mad At Me?

How can you be sure God is not mad at you when your life seems to be crashing down around you?

Loving Jesus & The Blue Devils

Like every freshmen in high school, I wanted to be cool… especially in the eyes of the upperclassmen. So when “the guys” discussed NCAA Basketball, I chimed in (regardless of the fact that I did not hold the slightest interest in or knowledge of the sport). “Oh yeah, I love college basketball.” Like a lion […]

What About God Amazes You?

The size of the Grand Canyon is inexplicable! You have to see it to believe it, and even then it is hard to comprehend. When I see the Grand Canyon, I think of one thing, “God, who created this small crack in the Earth’s surface, created me.” It’s incredible, isn’t it? The God of the […]

Amazing Grace, Part 3

This post is the final post in a 3-part series. Click here to read Part 1 (Refining Grace) and Part 2 (Relieving Grace). If you are reading this post, there is at least one element of God’s grace that you have never experienced. We have seen His refining grace as He molds us into His […]

Amazing Grace, Part 2

This post is the second of a 3-part series. Click here to read Part 1 (Refining Grace) and Part 3 (Relieving Grace). One of the most difficult aspects of God’s grace was discussed last week here on my blog—refining grace. While not a process we enjoy, it is nonetheless an evidence of God’s love for us. When […]

Where God and I Differ

One thing is very clear to me: God and I see things very differently. I would agree sin is wrong. However, I do not always see it being as wrong as He does. Sorry, but I am just being honest. In Matthew 5:29-31, Christ describes to us a very gruesome scene: To lust in your […]

Truly Crazy Love

As I read Psalm 51 this morning, I was amazed by the storyline: My sin is before God – v. 3 My sin is against God – v. 4 My sin is judged by God – v. 4 He should hate me. He sees how wicked I am. He sees how I choose to love […]