3 Lessons from Waiting on God

Hurry up and wait. That seems to be one of life’s many mantras. I have to confess I am not a fan of this one. Waiting is hard, and living in the “unknown” is fearful. Did God forget about me? Is he unsure about the next step? If He has ordained the future, why is […]

Trying Perfect Patience

Today’s post is by a good friend, Lynnae Lawson. She is Was a leader on our campus as a student and is influencing others in her current daily life in Kansas City, MO. Check out her blog here. The 8 hour drive between Missouri and Wisconsin for my graduation this weekend is going to be […]

Faith and Following God’s Will

If you have ever been in a position where you were unsure of God’s plan for your life, you are probably familiar with extra-biblical platitudes about seeking God’s will.

What God Requires

After years of guidance, protection, and provision in the wilderness, God is about to reveal His faithfulness to these people yet again by allowing them to enter the Promise Land. What does he ask in return?

Ransack My Heart

It was a day I will never forget. After a long day of touristing through one of the oldest cities in the world, my team and I were returning to our apartment….

Overcoming Your Fears With Faith

For most, faith in a person or process is directly related to their level of knowledge and experience with the person or process. The level of our faith in God is directly related to the depth of our knowledge and the extent of our experience with Him.

7 Motivations for Serving God

Before you start your week, take a moment to focus. The unknown author of this Psalm joyfully inspires us with these seven motivations.

Exercising Your Faith

Have you ever been asked to play a pick-up game of basketball and decided to play, even though you have not run in weeks? Or have you ever gone back into the gym after a lengthy sabbatical and performed an intense workout, only to be writhing in pain for the next few days? This is […]

Bobby Fisher, Amelia Earhart, and Noah Lomax?

Ok, perhaps the title was heartless. But to all of you who faithfully read my blog this year, I am deeply sorry for disappearing. In order to explain my disappearance, I have written my first of very few blogged personal life experiences. More than I could chew… In order to be a better candidate for […]

Loving Jesus & The Blue Devils

Like every freshmen in high school, I wanted to be cool… especially in the eyes of the upperclassmen. So when “the guys” discussed NCAA Basketball, I chimed in (regardless of the fact that I did not hold the slightest interest in or knowledge of the sport). “Oh yeah, I love college basketball.” Like a lion […]