Leading People to the Next Level

“Leaders can only take people as far as they have gone.” This is not new news, but yet sometimes comes as a surprise. The very definition of “leadership” carries the idea that someone must be a little bit more advanced, more knowledgeable, or more experienced. You do not have be first, most important, getting the […]

3 Lessons from Waiting on God

Hurry up and wait. That seems to be one of life’s many mantras. I have to confess I am not a fan of this one. Waiting is hard, and living in the “unknown” is fearful. Did God forget about me? Is he unsure about the next step? If He has ordained the future, why is […]

Understanding Gen-Y: Keeping Options Open

Please forgive the poor formatting. I blog from my iPad when I travel and I am unable to format this as I would like. Millennials. Generation Y. Gen iY. Regardless of the moniker, this generation is different. Working in a college setting, I have had the opportunity to witness them (and myself) juxtaposed against Baby […]

What Are You All About?

If your exterior presentation is not aligned with what you want people to think about you, it may be time for some alignment.

Increase Your Opportunities

What if we were as quick to assert ourselves as we are to assume something? How much more of life could we experience if we had this mindset?

Leadership and Failure

Failure is evidence of an attempt. Failure lies not in a lack of success but in failing to try. Failure is giving up, not falling. My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure. A. Lincoln Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of […]

Leaders Finish Under Fire

Everyone’s efforts are thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. Developing a reputation for delivering despite adversity is one way to distinguish you as a leader. 

The X-Factor for Leaders

  Today’s post is an excellent guest post by Loren Pinilis. What main trait do you think of when you think of a strong leader? Being a visionary? An idea factory? An inspiration? Instantly, our minds are filled with images of leaders such as Steve Jobs who cast dazzling visions that changed the marketplace and […]

How to Become a Creative Leader

If a leader applies these 4 areas into their life they will be better equipped to solve problems, create more and better products, and generate more ideas.

Trying Perfect Patience

Today’s post is by a good friend, Lynnae Lawson. She is Was a leader on our campus as a student and is influencing others in her current daily life in Kansas City, MO. Check out her blog here. The 8 hour drive between Missouri and Wisconsin for my graduation this weekend is going to be […]